Thursday, July 28, 2016

Term 3 Week 1

All of block 3 students are back from their holidays and have been going straight in action.
We all hope you had a great and happy holiday, but now it is time to put your holiday clothes in the cupboard and get your uniform out.
Week 1 itself has been amazing with how we've all settled into our new timetable. Reading groups have been amazing! Maths is my personal favourite as we are doing geometry and we are also now starting to go back to the olden days by reducing the use of chrome books and using more pen and paper to bring hardware homework at home instead of software such as our Maths Mate!
With science we have been doing Material world and have been learning stuff like matter, density, gases and much, much, much more.
Inquiry/Social Studies:
Inquiry is now going to be called Social Studies and for Social studies we have been doing research on the Olympics as it is being held this year!
For health we are learning Puberty. This was a weird and funny subject for the first session but afterwards we became more and more mature.

I think that Block 3 is striving to success!

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